The possibilities of information and communications technology are now discussed even on European levels.

European Community

Much information on the present policies in the EU can be found in: General information on the EC can be found in the FAQ European Union Basics.

Digital Infrastructure

The White Book of Delor predicts great positive effects as a result of the use of computer networks. The Bangemann commission wrote a report to the European council in which the importance of a digital infrastucture was emphasised. An action plan has been collated. As reaction to, amongst others, the Bangemann report a resolution was written with remarks on the development of the digital society. On 30 November 1994, this resolution was accepted by the European Parlement. In the mean time, work is under way to speed up the European Internet. For instance, see The Works of DANTE, No.4. This is a news bulletin from DANTE, the operator and developer of EuropeNET.

EG Databases

A number of databases with information about the EU are available at ECHO, the European Commission Host Organisation.

Security of Information systems

A few years ago, the US ministry of defence wrote the Orange Book, with criteria for the security of information systems.

Using this book as example, a number of European countries, of which The Netherlands, started the collation of a similar book.

The Green Book is being written for the European Commission, which is an action plan for the security of information systems.