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Digital Citizens Foundation Netherlands

Information and communications technology offers opportunities to society. The Digital Citizens Foundation Netherlands wants to grab those opportunities and oppose threats...

Digitale Burgerbeweging NederLand or short DB.NL strives for:

  1. digital democracy (civil liberties such as freedom of expression, protection of privacy, citizen's participation)
  2. publicly useful applications of information and communications technology
  3. an accessible and user-friendly public digital network

The aims of DB.NL are described in detail in:

DB.NL has a (mostly Dutch) mailing list, to which more than one hundred members have subscribed at this time. How to join the mailing list (in Dutch).

Do you have questions or comments for DB.NL? Please feel welcome to contact us:

Stichting Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland
P.O. Box 11729
1001 GS, Amsterdam
The Netherlands.

E-mail: mailbox@db.nl
Website: http://www.db.nl

Maybe you have comments only on the content of these webpages, please mail them to webmaster@db.nl.

You can also support us financially. Voluntary donations can be transferred to:
Giro account: 699 2583, Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland DB.NL,
Postbank: Girokantoor Amsterdam;
P.O.B 49999, 1009 EZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

NOTE: many original "anchored" (linked) documents are still in the Dutch Language! These are indicated with [NL]. We will attempt to translate as many as reasonably possible in the near future.


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